Warranty conditions

  • “Baltijos durys” provides customers with the quality guarantee of 12 to 36 months, depends on collections, which begins at the time when the doors are transferred to the buyer under the purchase and sale agreement.
  • All doors have an indefinite longevity if the buyer follows the storage, security, installation and maintenance requirements.
  • The guarantee is applied to the doors only if the buyer has fulfilled all of the recommendations of the manufacturer mentioned below.
  • The buyer must verify the integrity of the package at the time of delivery. If there is a defect, the seller’s representative has to unpack the product himself. Only in this case the door guarantee is applied.
  • Warranty service is only possible if the buyer can prove the fact of door purchase by presenting the purchase document – the original voucher.
  • If there are manufacturing defects, they are corrected or doors are replaced under an agreement.
  • Defect origin is determined at a special expertise.
  • The manufacturer reserves the right to change the product construction without prior notification.


Cases when the warranty is not valid

  • Accessories scratches, which have not been seen at the door installation process.
  • Unskilled work during the door installation, carried out by non-professional installation specialists.
  • Unauthorised modification of constructions or repair of the door, which is performed by the buyer.
  • Storage, safety and operating rules violations and mechanical abrasions as a result of irregular door maintenance.
  • Improper transportation.
  • Obvious production depreciation.