Technical Specifications

DOORS BALTICS door constituent parts


Door leaf consists of following parts:

  • internal frame made of joined timber;
  • Finish or slippery from HDF.

To enhance the strength and durability of the structure, the door is filled with HDF. Solid wood sashes weigh at least 50 kg but do not have equal sound insulation and impermeability.



This element fits the bearing structure, which allows the frame to be securely fastened in the door opening. As a rule, the frame is made of the same material as the bolt and is adapted to withstand the weight of the sash without deformation.

The most popular option is a board made of coniferous array, veneered HDF.


Crossings and extensions are used for final finishing – framing the door openings. Made in the door leaf and frame style, they provide a solid view of the design.