Operating Rules

  • Internal door warranty is only applied to those products that have been kept and maintained in regard to safety, storage and maintenance rules.
  • Door panels and blocks must be stored in the original packaging, in a dry place with good ventilation. Recommended temperature is from +1 to +35 C and humidity of 30-70%.
  • It is recommended to build the door panel by its the lateral edge on a flat surface. Do not store in places where strong temperature fluctuations tend to happen (including storage near heating devices) and where moisture can possibly get into the package – this is an important guarantee of the preservation of door quality.
  • Doors and assembling components should be used in heated rooms with temperatures from +1 to +35 C and humidity of 30-70%.
  • During the warranty period and during the whole door exploitation time it is not recommended to process the surface with abrasive products, to alow the long-term contact with water and direct sunlight.