Maintenance recommendations

Based on the simple advices, the doors can serve for a long time.

Paintwork Care

  • Primed surface of the interior doors can be painted with acrylic or polyurethane paint.
  • Such surface coating materials provide a good protection in terms of regular door cleanings. Paint often contain components that allow to easily remove dirt.
  • Acrylic paint has a high scratches resistance, but you should avoid cleaning agents that have abrasive particles. For door cleaning it is recommended to use a soft cloth rags or highly porous sponges.
  • Polyurethane paint forms a dense layer after painting. This door surface coating is distinguished by resistance and durability. At the same time it doesn’t let the dust set on the door, and therefore the door requires a lower mechanical cleaning. Surfaces, painted with polyurethane paint can be cleaned with any household detergent.

Veneered door maintenance

  • For veneered door surface cleaning, the soft cloth material suits the best. To maintain the gloss, it is recommended to use furniture polishes containing wax. You should use this agent to cover the entire surface of the door, including the lower sash and frame parts which have a contact with water during the cleaning process most.

Laminated door maintenance

  • Laminate is an artificial coating, the surface is covered with very thin layer. Any aggressive agents may damage this layer. Even the soap which contains alkalis can harm the surface. Therefore, you need to use special tools for laminated surfaces or alcohol dilued with water in a proportion of 10 parts of water and 1 part of alcohol.
    Such diluted cleaning agent easily removes grease and removes dirt. After cleaning, the surface is cleaned with a damp cloth and wiped dry.
  • Polishing products won’t damage the doors as well, but have in mind that it is enough to use them once a year to cover all the surfaces.
  • Unlike wood and veneer, the laminate is more sensitive to scratches, so only minor scratches can be concealed with wax or polishing tool. In case of deeper scratches, self-eliminating will not be successful – you will have to refer to the specialist.

Supplied parts maintenance

  • Some door models have a glass insert which over time can also become dirty. Glass inserts are cleaned with cleaning detergents or solvents suitable for glass. Unlike ordinary glass, glass door fittings are cleaned with natural fiber cloth, not paper. Cleaning frequency – 2 times per month. This will prevent the formation of plaque, which is much more difficult to remove.
  • Hardware maintenance depends on the material the piece is made from: the plastic elements are cleaned with cloth dampened with diluted detergent. The latter can be used for brass and stainless steel elements, with the drying up at the end.