The classic collection of doors is an author’s work by the Italian designer Riccardo Giovanetti. In developing these examples, the designer followed the “golden section” rule, which allowed the preparation of precise shapes and explicit patterning patterns.

Scandinavian style interior doors. This collection was created by the Italian designer Franco Poli. This collection will fill your interior with beauty and ease. Your space will take on the actuality, dynamism, and technology that is so characteristic of contemporary interiors.

A new classical interpretation – clean, straight lines, simple materials, and a host of base element combinations make up the Bridge collection, realized by the Italian designer Franco Poli. Doors from the Bridge collection will be as much for classical style solutions as for contemporary scandinavian and vintage styles.

The exclusive and contemporary design, created by the Italian designer and architect Franco Poli, has found its incarnation in the Originial collection model and carefully selected finishes. The range of colors has been chosen according to the trends of fashion. Door openings may be smooth or with beautiful inset with a frosted glass.

Skyline – The door of a new collection from Italian designer Garcia Cumini – reflection of the designer of a free art spirit.

The Smart Collection is designed to answer designers ‘and architects’ questions in different industrial and interior design directions.

The collection Master and Margarita was created with Italian designer and architect Franco Poli. This collection is designed for those who value elegance and classical style. It’s impossible not to admire it!