How to order

JSC “Baltijos durys” representatives will arrive, measure, complete, deliver and install the door for you.

1. Consulting

Professional consulting of buyers about the right choice of doors, technical characteristics, possible installation options while combining non-standard solutions – these are only few services that can be offered by our company’s specialists.

Doors buyers will not only get the quality product but also clear and detailed information during the whole process.
If you are interested, we will send you more information via email or will answer you all the questions via phone. You can also ask your questions via contact form below.

2. Measuring

Measuring is an important step of the doors purchasing and installation process. If you want to perform the measurements yourself, have in mind that the measurement uncertainties can cost a lot. Due to unprofessionally performed measurement, the door installation process can take longer time and become more difficult and more expensive.

That’s why we recommend to entrust the process for professionals. In this case you will avoid all possible mistakes related to interior-technical works.

You can order the measurement service in our door center, in this case our specialist will arrive and answer all your questions related to technical doors parameters, installation specificities, doorways installation and exploitation. Your questions will be answered by qualified professionals with extensive experience in the door installation.

3. Completing

The set up of your order is taking place in the production department. In this case we avoid the mistakes related to completing. JSC “Baltijos durys” specialists carry out the monitoring of order performance in all stages – from manufacturing to logistics.

We have a special door acquisition system, which makes our manufactured doors be fully ready for installation. Our factory works with extremely accurate cutting equipment which ensures irreproachable matching items.

4. Delivering

JSC “Baltijos durys” delivers the doors and perform installation only if it’s done by our specialists. If you order the door without installation services, it is necessary to check the arrival of the production cost. It is also important to make sure that the delivered product matches your order, check the solidity of the package, complectation and quality.

Complaints concerning the mechanical damage can be only presented at the time of the product delivery. Later, the claims are not accepted.

5. Installing

Doors installation – the last step of the interior repair works, which should be done only when the major repair works are finished.

Improper doors installation can become a source of draught, incorrect frame and sash injection angle leads to the door loosening and damage. After it, you might need to order new doors and start everything all over again. In order to prevent this from happening and to save your time and materials, we recommend to use professional, experienced and skilled professional services. JSC “Baltijos durys” professionals arrive at pre-arranged and convenient time for you.



The delivery duration of the doors depends on the parameters of the doors and assembled components. Doors with standard parameters (200 cm*60/70/80/90) and assembled components are usually delivered within 30 working days. Doors with non standard parameters and their assembled components are usually delivered within 45 working days, depending on the complexity of the production.


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