For partners

JSC “Doors Baltics” offers favorable conditions for cooperation:

  • Flexible pricing and payment for permanent partners;
  • Special rates and conditions for partner storage programs;
  • Operative consultations on all issues;
  • Production in the shortest possible time;
  • Partners receive regular updates about UAB Baltic doors company assortment and pricing;
  • Advertising, methodical, information and reference materials and products provided;
  • Training of sales managers support;
  • The website is constantly updated with partner network and exposition stands locations information, which serves as an additional effective advertising;
  • Free exposition stands installation.

JSC “Baltijos durys” pays special attention to the advertising of the production, is constantly taking care of brands, so partners gain a huge advantage over the competition. Successful advertising can increase the profit of the company several times.

The most attractive way of advertising – the installation of exposition stands. It allows the potential buyers to see the quality of the products with their own eyes and also provides a competitive advantage. All of this allows us to increase the potential customer loyalty for our services and production.

We offer our partners the door exposition stands, which have a very important function – mobility. In addition, the production models can be placed into the exposition stands. Thanks to this feature, our partners have the opportunity to build a stand anywhere and implement various ideas during the demonstration.

When installing exposition stands, our partners receive numerous benefits that are associated with the advertising cost savings.

We offer our partners the possibility to use our exposition stands, various promotional, methodological and information materials and products free of charge.

We also provide operative information updates and sales managers training. The only cost to our partners – the door sample acquisition. All other expenses are covered by us!

We look forward to a mutually beneficial and successful cooperation!

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