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Elegant Classic

“Elegant Classic” main attributes - cosiness, cleanliness and elegance. The name of the collection itself says that the doors will enrich the interior with classic style, which, in this particular collection, has modern flavor. These doors will give the interior some orderliness, simplicity and your home will look spacious and minimalistic at the same time.

Light Classic

Collection “Light Classic” is a combination of sophistication and symmetry which reminds us to turn back to classic style. The doors of this collection will add precision to home decor and will enrich even the simplest interior. Harmony and time-tested quality are the keynotes which were revealed by the craftsmen while designing this characteristic doors collection.


“Hi-Tech” – a collection which stands out with its strict forms and neutral tones. It is modern, has a precise design and is not afraid to face new challenges which will definitely turn your home interior into a masterpiece. The doors of this collection are unique and will give the interior a flavor of today‘s trends.


Collection “Modern” – a combination of geometric figures and organic materials. It will definitely attract the attention with its warm tones and dynamics. Designers have focused on the doors‘ functionality as well as on invoking the experimentation, unconventional choices and on the goal to create something that will enrich the interior.


Lightness, minimalism - are the key words that describe the "Economy" collection. It combines Nordic durability and clarity with modern design. In view of this collection door pretty simple, but perfectly smooth and precise material processing is feasible rik using high technology and professional experience.


"Classic Luxury" collection features - neoclassical style and Baroque influence, decorative items and a variety of DETELS, which gives the effect of aging. Collection of Classic Luxury combines geometric designs with luxurious details and a spectacular glass surround. Before the creation of this collection of developers studied historical periods and artistic components, which became the new concepts and ideas for sources door models. "Classic Luxury" collection stages of production combines modern technology and manual labor. Each detail sophistication doors provides luxury, so the door will fit perfectly even in the most posh interior.