Door trim

Usually the door frames are covered with edging. These are the special strips that hide the door frame consolidation in the wall. These strips form a frame with a decorative cover and hide the gap between the door and the wall. They also enrich the interior with completeness and emphasize the contours of the door.

Door edgings are traditionally made from solid wood, chipboard, PVC or plywood. Also, the edgings can be in many shapes: figurative, flat, telescopic, put-on and veneer. Flat edgings are the cheapest. Telescopic have the highest demand, as they allow to increase the door frame width of a few centimeters.

Door Additives

Usually the walls in the house or flat are much wider than the door frame. In order to keep the doors organically accommodate the embrasure and create a seamless image, additional elements need to be used. They are installed in the a way that the resulting gap between the wall edgings is reduced and the difference is eliminated. After inserting additives, plastering plane is not needed, resulting a significant reduction in doors installation costs.

These products are manufactured in different technologies and made from a variety of materials such as plywood and laminates. They are selected in a way they conform to the common door style (texture, color).

Imitation door strips

The imitation strips are installed for mutual action doors. They are required in order to mask the deficiencies, scratches or cracks of the door trim. The imitation strips are installed from above the outer edge of the top or vertically at the door edge of the opening. In this way, imitation strip is extended on the other side.

Door frame

Door frame (box) – a part of the door set, which is set in the wall embrasure.

The door frame can be made from the solid wood, fiberboard, PVC and the combination of all these materials. Of course, the doors that are made from fiberboard last longer and are cheaper. The most popular door frames – rectangles or rounded corners. When installing the housing and board, door frames can have special slots.

Also, some door frames can have special seals which provide additional sound insulation and protection from drafts.


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