About us. Our advantages.


  1. Brand

UAB “Baltijos durys” occupies one of the leading positions in the middle and above average segments in the Lithuanian market of interior doors. We carry out trade under the brand DOORS BALTICS through our own interior of interior doors and interior solutions (Zirmunu g. 70, Vilnius, PC Klasikos namai). DOORS BALTICS interior doors have a well-deserved reputation of modern and high-quality doors both for retailers and for wholesale customers.

  1. Quality

DOORS BALTICS DOOR BALTICS is manufactured using modern technology equipment using only quality materials by a team of professionally trained employees. The advantages of DOORS BALTICS doors include:

  • The solid frame is made of solid wood and covered with HDF;
  • resistant coating, as well as a coating of natural or artificial veneer;
  • moisture resistance (can be installed in bathrooms and toilets);
  • resistance to mechanical stress;
  • resistance to temperature changes.

We are constantly working to improve the quality of our doors, using new technologies and materials in order to meet the highest demands of our customers.

  1. Ecological compatibility

Environmental safety of products is ensured by the use of environmentally friendly materials, by conducting their sanitary and hygienic expertise, minimizing the impact on the environment. DOORS BALTICS doors use only high-quality and natural materials (pine, veneer), which makes them absolutely environmentally friendly.

  1. Sound insulation, and thermal insulation

The use of natural wood in the construction of the door leaf makes it possible to improve the noise and heat insulation of rooms and premises, and the use of a specially designed door frame and high-quality sealant allows to raise the noise and thermal insulation parameters to a qualitatively new level.

  1. Design and decoration

We constantly follow the fashion trends on the door market and regularly update the line of models with new interesting solutions.

The variety of models reflecting different styles of design, satisfies the tastes of the most demanding and demanding customers, and imparts a unique individuality to the interior.

A wide choice of textures and colors, with a variety of finishing natural and artificial veneer, as well as paint and varnish. The use of matte and glossy finish coatings, the use of different types of glass, represent unlimited possibilities for creative solutions.

  1. Warranty and maintenance

We provide a warranty for our products from 1 to 3 years, depending on the collection and provide its service throughout the life of the product.

We guarantee the timeliness of the fulfillment of obligations on the delivery terms and the installation of the ordered products, and we also provide all the required documents for the goods.

  1. Price

We can buy doors of medium and above average price category.

We provide a flexible system of discounts, as well as the possibility of deferment / payment by installments.

You can always choose among our product range the products that best fit your budget.

  1. Individual orders

The possibility of manufacturing doors of non-standard sizes, as well as individual and original projects.

All these advantages make it possible to purchase DOORS BALTICS doors being sure of the right choice!